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Leadership workshop for entrepreneurs, with, Lisbon

Leadership workshop for entrepreneurs, with, Lisbon


Integrative and Experiential approach:

We started out in the corporate world, and working with businesses of all shapes and sizes is a core part of what we do.

Flexible and Innovative methodology:

We get results, whether you’re a startup wanting to lay the foundations of a fresh, innovative approach to your business, an established team going through change, or a whole organisation looking to improve your corporate culture.

Value added to your Business:

We don’t just come in with a new corporate culture to implement. Instead, we work with you and your people to come up with an approach that fits your organisation and its unique blend of personalities. That way, your business and its staff will naturally adopt it and thrive.


“Marie-France helped colleagues and some of our leadership teams think through important strategic issues, adding tremendous value to the business."

Gil, Director Learning & Training Delivery Europe – IHG – Paris


 Choose the services which work best for your organisation 




You want to build cohesion, share and create impact within your organisation. Our A la carte services are here to help you present, communicate, and celebrate Performance. Choose among our talent & organisation consultancy, instructional design, facilitation, or coaching services.



You are looking for solutions to optimise performance through strengthening knowledge and enhancing skills. Our customised facilitation combined with team or individual coaching services will reveal your organisation culture. That way, your business and its staff will naturally embrace it and thrive.



You want to drive change and/or embed new service behaviours to align them to your brand culture. Our Project Management package includes all that you need to achieve your goals. It includes consultancy to diagnose where you stand, instructional design to address your specific needs, facilitation to enhance the required skill set and/ or to embrace the change, and finally coaching to bring learning to life and embed new desired behaviours.



Let's talk through the ways we could help your business thrive.